With Musems.co, discover, shop and share archival reproductions from institutions across the globe.

Masthead image and logo for Museums.co.

Project Type

  • User Research
  • Prototyping
  • UI/UX
  • Copywriting


Museums.co is a simple, unified and highly engaging platform for discovering and purchasing quality artwork reproductions. Working directly with museums, galleries and artists' estates, Museums.co maintains a vast library of high resolution digital assets. Offering a turn-key solution for museum retailers, each institution can curate and print their own reproductions on demand. With Museums.co, institutions are offered an easy way to generate revenue from their most valuable assets: exhibitions and collections.

Beyond ecommerce, Museums.co was designed to offer an engaging and content rich experience inline with the mission of many of our partnered institutions.

Getting Started

Intuitive Recommendations

As visitors are encouraged to browse through an enormous collection of artwork, it was crucial to design a system that would swiftly guide an individual to a category of interest. By using natural language selectors and visual previews, users are able to quickly and easily filter artwork based on subject, medium and style.

Homepage of Museums.co displaying categories and natural language selectors.

Shop & Customize

Discover Something New

Once within the shop, users can narrow results further by using a number of advanced filters. Before adding the customized artwork to cart, size, format and framing options can be configured directly from the product details page.

Shop page displaying expanded advanced filters.
Product detail page with additional information and recommendations of similar artists.
Configuring a product by selecting the type of color and finish for the picture frame.

Learning More

Curated Collections

A large portion of annual revenue for museums and galleries is tied directly to current exhibitions. Through browsing by museum and/or exhibition, visitors can effortlessly locate and purchase quality reproductions.

Browse artwork by institution or by current exhibitions with reproductions available for purchase.


Commitment to Quality

Vital to the success of the website, it was critical to highlight the quality of the product, differentiating Museums.co from a marketplace flooded with low quality 'poster prints'. By deconstructing the materials, processes and craftsmanship behind each reproduction, even the most discerning of buyers can be assured that they are purchasing a product of the highest quality.

Highlighting the quality materials and craftsmanship inherant in every Museums.co reproduction.