Roma Moulding brings the worlds best picture frames to life, handcrafted by master artisans in Italy.

Masthead image and logo for Roma Moulding.

Project Type

  • User Research
  • Prototyping
  • UI/UX
  • Photography
  • Art Direction


For over 30 years, Roma Moulding has been a leading picture frame manufacturer with operations across North America. Selling exclusively to retailers, each product is ordered and assembled to custom dimensions.

The new Roma Moulding website had number of objectives from both editorial and design perspectives. Committed to uncompomising quality and old-world craftsmenship, it became imperative to weave a greater sense of storytelling throughout. The website also needed to provide a robust ecommerce experience that focused on speed and ease of use. Due to the custom nature of each product, a completely new order entry system was developed.

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Designed to Sell

In a redesign that focused on simplicity and readability, large, engaging images accompany bold and concise copy. With an aging demographic, it was important to design a business-to-business website that was both approachable and easy to use. Unlike many e-commerce websites, it was a requirement to hide pricing until after the user has been authenticated. However, weekly discounts are displayed as a percentage in order to drive repeat traffic and increase conversions.

Homepage for Roma displying featured products and weekly discounts.

Search and Filters

Building a Smarter Search

With thousands of unique products available in all shapes, sizes and finishes, it was imperative to design a platform that would allow users to combine filters, narrowing results with as few clicks as possible.

Search page displying filter by color.

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Product Details

With a multitude of configurations and up to five price types for each product, it quickly became apparent that we needed a way to condense all of this information into a manageable format. After careful considersation, we settled upon a multi-dropdown that allows the user to customize size, colour and price on the fly.

Product detail page showcasing custom multi-dropdown.

Responsive Design

Mobile Friendly

By reviewing website analytics, we were able to determine that many of the queries to the website were from mobile devices or tablets. Therefore the design needed to be fully responsive and degrade gracefully on lower bandwidth devices.

Product detail page reformatted to fit mobile devices.

Interactive Web App

Quick Order

We have refined almost every component of the ordering experience, including navigation, typography, grids and form elements. As each item is a custom order, it was imperative to design a system that would facilitate the easy input and review of large quantities of data.