Vibro Acoustics is a leading provider of noise, vibration, seismic and wind control solutions for commercial and industrial applications.

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Project Type

  • User Research
  • UI/UX


For the past 50 years, Vibro Acoustics has provided optimal noise control solutions designed to attenuate unwanted sound, mitigate environmental noise and eliminate risk to project owners. They collaborate with architects, contractors, acoustical consultants and building owners to design and implement customized noise control solutions for each unique project.

Working in a highly competitive marketplace, the team at Vibro Acoustics sought to reduce the long turnaround time to build quotations. Due to the unpredictable nature of large-scale engineering projects, communication between engineering and sales staff would often be fragmented through email, phone and SMS messages. The ideal solution was to develop a streamlined platform that would organize all related documentation and enable real-time collaboration throughout the project life cycle.


Visualize and track goals

With many projects in progress simultaneously, the dashboard is designed to keep remote teams in close alignment. Visible sales targets alongside their current progress are displayed to refocus and empower team members to reach their goals. By utilizing the dashboard, users can easily resume working where they left off, review updates to recent projects and respond to any messages that require urgent attention.

Manage and update quotes and orders throughout the project life cycle.

Document Flow

Monitor project status

Previously, all documents such as 'Quotes,' 'Orders' and 'Production Releases' were separated from one another and displayed on different pages. These documents are intrinsically tied to one another and represent a natural flow from quotation to production. Unifying all associated documents under one 'Project' makes it easy to track the progression of a project and ensure all related documents are easily accessible. Color-coded badges denote the current status of each project and any recent changes are displayed.

Track the progression of projects and ensure all related documents are easily accessible.


Building a framework

Now, it only takes minutes to request a quote. Once a user enters an account number, common fields can be pre-populated with account information to save time. A scalable form was selected as the ideal interface for capturing and displaying the complex specifications required for each project. With thousands of unique configurations, it was imperative to develop a consistent structure to the design language, building a framework of core components and technical illustrations to guide the user through the process.

Create a new project for quotation in minutes.


Conversations with context

After a quote has been submitted, a sales specialist is assigned to analyze the specifications and price each component accordingly. Due to the unique requirements for each project, this process is often stalled by a series of protracted questions and answers via email or phone. An in-line commenting system helps to address this communication bottleneck by enabling real-time collaboration between team members. Additionally, ongoing discussions are now centralized and stored alongside the document for quick and easy reference by the entire team.

An in-line commenting system helps to address this communication bottleneck by enabling real-time collaboration between team members.